Vote for our SXSWedu 2018 Proposals on VR, Digital Literacy and Ethics

Digital Bodies was founded at SXSWedu so the conference has always had a personal dimension for us. For Spring 2018 we’ve submitted two proposals and would love to have your support.

SXSWedu listens to you – the audience – and your vote matters. Community votes comprise 30% of the final decision in determining the program. Cast your vote through Friday, August 25.

Click on the voting link below each proposal and you will be prompted to log in or create an account (it’s quick and easy). Then, “Vote Up” each one to get us to Austin in March 2018.

Future of Learning: Convergence of VR, AR, and AI

SXSWedu 2018 - VR, AR Industry TalkThis industry talk explores the latest trends and signature immersive projects in VR and AR in education. The next wave of immersive computing offers low-cost, self-contained headsets, higher levels of interaction and the possibility of deeply social experiences. New platforms are empowering faculty and students as creators. Our phones are becoming platforms to create and experience AR. Immersive learning will not focus on a single technology, but rather a convergence between VR, AR, and AI. Read more about this session.

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VR and AR: Digital Literacy and Ethical Issues

SXSWedu 2018 - Digital Literacy and Ethics in VRWith the recent crisis in “fake news”, what is the future of digital literacy in a world where the digital and physical are equally real? With the advances in VR and AR, are we ready to deal with “fake realities”? How should literacy be defined when virtual worlds mean that human experience itself is no longer be a touchstone for what is real? How do we address the ethical issues posed by deeply realistic immersive environments? As educators, the digital literacy of future society is in our hands. Read more about this session.

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We have presented in previous SXSWedu conferences on Virtual Reality and Wearables and love the opportunity to engage some of the smartest and most innovative people in education. Many of our insights on virtual reality have taken shape through conversations with those of you who attended in the past.

We’d love to have your support for 2018!