Consulting Services

Digital Bodies offers consulting services on immersive technologies, including AR, VR, XR, and AI developments – including ChatGPT – and the future Metaverse. We work with K12 and higher education, businesses, nonprofits, NGOs, and government organizations around the world to provide innovative solutions to leverage the opportunities and manage the ethical challenges in implementing emerging technologies. Whether you are just starting with a few devices or ready to launch a major XR initiative, we can help you develop the right strategy to create new learning opportunities, engage with the public, or upskill your workforce. 

The recent release of ChatGPT will revolutionize how educational institutions, nonprofits, and businesses approach learning and engagement. ChatGPT can be used to create more effective simulations and training programs, helping to upskill learners and employees to improve their performance in their chosen fields. Let us help you learn how to manage and leverage the power of ChatGPT and address the ethical challenges it raises for your organization. 

Consulting Services

Digital Bodies VR and AR professional development workshop

XR Workshops

Our educational consulting services include the following:

  • Professional development through AR / VR workshops and experiential labs.
  • XR Lab planning and design.
  • Research and project management for immersive technology initiatives.

We introduce faculty to XR applications for the classroom and help K-12 and Higher Education organizations develop student engagement and curriculum strategies, new learning opportunities in STEM, history, and immersive storytelling. We offer talks and workshops to help you address the challenges and opportunities of virtual environments and the ethical issues we will confront in a future where VR and AI will erase the boundaries between the real and the virtual. 

AI and ChatGPT Workshops and Talks

With its powerful capabilities, ChatGPT and related AI developments are profoundly impacting education and other organizations. Our services include workshops and talks to help you manage and leverage the power of automatic content generation. We dive into the skills students and employees will need in the 21st century – how to talk to and partner with AI platforms. We explore the ethical challenges of living and working in a world with ubiquitous AI and how we can create more effective and engaging learning experiences, bridging the gap between the human and the digital.

We come as open-minded partners, eager to understand your needs. Our presentations and workshops are insightful and provocative and include hands-on demos and collaborative activities.

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Educational Consulting services: VR Workshop Participants
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