SXSWedu 2018 – VR and AR: Digital Literacy and Ethical Issues

SXSWedu Proposal

With the recent crisis “fake news”, what is the future of digital literacy in a world where the digital and physical are equally real? With the advances in VR and AR, are we ready to deal with “fake realities”? How should literacy be defined when virtual worlds mean that human experience itself is no longer be a touchstone for what is real? How do we address the ethical issues posed by deeply realistic immersive environments? As educators, the digital literacy of future society is in our hands.


  1. Examine the challenges of redefining digital literacy for immersive learning environments.
  2. Discuss the questions of access, privacy and ethical issues posed by VR and AR.
  3. Identify new models of interpretation to engage students in immersive media, where illusion is no less powerful than reality.

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A Scene from Nonney de la Pena's Hunger in LA
A Scene from Nonny de la Pena’s Hunger in LA