Vote for our SXSWedu VR and Learning Proposals!

Digital Bodies offers two SXSWedu proposals on VR and learning. For us, SXSWedu has been an incredible event. We have presented in the past on Wearables and VR and love the opportunity to engage with some of the smartest and most innovative people in education. Many of our insights on virtual reality have taken shape through conversations with those of you who attended in the past. We’d love to have your support for 2017!

Unlike other conferences, SXSW relies on community input. The voting period has officially opened and closes September 2nd.  SXSWedu listens to you – the audience – and your vote matters. Community votes comprise 30% of the final decision in determining the program. Please help us get Emory and Maya on the agenda so they can continue the conversation about the future of immersive learning. 

Here’s the voting instructions and a quick summary of each session.

Voting is easy!

SWSWedu vote Click on the link for each presentation and select Sign In in the right corner. You can sign-in with your Facebook account or create an unique ID. Next, press the “Thumbs Up” image in the top left corner to cast your vote.

Vote for Emory and/or Maya by visiting:

Virtual Reality: The New Frontier of Learning


VR and Learning. Our proposal for SXSWedu - Virtual Reality: A New Frontier for Learning. Virtual Reality Design Lab at the University of Minnesota
Virtual Reality Design Lab at the University of Minnesota

Virtual reality’s deeply immersive experiences create compelling learning opportunities across educational programs and institutions. We will assess the latest research in virtual reality, from the rapid progress of the past year to what experts in academia, business and film communities envision as the key developments in the next 2-3 years. How do different platforms from mobile VR to high-end VR labs fit into the learning environment? How will educators and students use inexpensive VR cameras to create innovative forms of experiential learning? This session will help participants identify technologies, vendors, content examples and strategies to kickstart their own VR projects.

You can see more details on this session on the SXSWedu New Frontiers page.

VR & Mixed Reality Trends: Insights for Educators


VR and Learning: Our proposal for SXSWedu - Virtual Reality trends: Insights for Educators
VR and Learning. Image: Samsung Education

This session examines the latest industry trends in VR and Mixed Reality and their potential applications in education. Major companies, Hollywood studios, publishing and media giants along with independent entrepreneurs are developing new projects that will profoundly transform our human experience. Microsoft and Magic Leap are creating innovative Mixed Reality devices while Facebook and other companies are promising to turn Virtual Reality into a deeply social experience. Innovative filmmakers and studios are pushing the boundaries of content production. Explore how these broader trends will impact the introduction and use of VR and Mixed Reality in our learning environments.

You can see more details on this session on the SXSWedu VR Trends page.

Our VR and Learning Proposals

To be a part of the voting process, visit the SXSW PanelPicker site, login, or create an account (it’s quick and easy). If you created a SXSW account in 2013 or later, you can use the same login and password. Each voter can vote once per proposal.

If you’ve seen us before, you know our presentations on VR and learning appeal to a wide audience. No text-heavy PowerPoints – we lead provocative discussions to help all of us bring our institutions and classrooms into the future. Thanks for your support and vote! Stay tuned to Digital Bodies for more details.