SIGGRAPH 2019 – A Virtual, Augmented and Mixed Reality Showcase

It may be the dead of winter but it’s not too early to think about next summer’s SIGGRAPH 2019 – Virtual, Augmented and Mixed Reality showcase. Of course, SIGGRAPH is much more than a venue for immersive technologies, but if you’re interested in virtual reality, it’s a great way to see pioneering work. And if you’re developing a creative VR experience, you should consider the upcoming call for submissions.

We are particularly fond of conferences that cross disciplinary boundaries. It’s one of the best ways to see how others are resolving design challenges that we all face in creating immersive experiences.

It’s also a place to see some cutting-edge technology. SIGGRAPH 2017 saw the unveiling of Neurable, the world’s first mind-controlled VR game. And this year saw the debut of StarVR’s nextgen HMD (more to come on this in a bit).

SIGGRAPH 2019 submissions

Here’s the call for submissions:

This program, housed within the Experience Hall, boasts an interactive space for attendees to discover the latest advancements in realities, from games and location-based experiences, to content production, research, healthcare, and more. The program is organized into three core physical spaces: the Vrcade (games and experiences), the VR Theater (storytelling), and the Village (installations).

Here’s what you missed at the 2018 conference which brought together over a 1,000 speakers and 16,500 participants:

Among this year’s highlights were the keynote, a conversation on creativity by Senior Vice President, Executive Creative Director, and Head of Industrial Light & Magic Rob Bredow; two world premiere short films, Walt Disney Animation Studios’s “Cycles” and Platige Image’s “Miazmat”; a collection of 50 original artworks from Syd Mead, renowned futurist and visionary, on display in the Production Gallery; the return of SIGGRAPH’s two-day Business Symposium; sneak peek Production Sessions on upcoming studio releases “Missing Link” (LAIKA Studios) and “Ralph Breaks the Internet: Wreck-It Ralph 2” (Walt Disney Animation Studios); and, a special session celebrating the 50-year history of the VR headset, featuring the “Father of Computer Graphics” Ivan E. Sutherland (watch via the livestream).

Yes, VR has 50 years of history behind it. Immersive technologies may be developing at a head-spinning pace, but it didn’t start with Palmer Luckey and the Oculus Rift. If you missed the VR@50 panel at this year’s conference definitely check out the SIGGRAPH blog or video. It’s reason enough to not miss next year’s event.

SIGGRAPH 2019 is coming.
VR @ 50 Panel: Ivan Sutherland’s 1968 Head-Mounted 3D Display System.

The call for submissions

SIGGRAPH 2019 will be in Los Angeles from July 28-August 1. The call for content will open in January and close on March 26th. That may seem far away now in the midst of winter cold and snow, but it’s all too soon.

We hope to see you there!