MasterpieceVR: an Incredible Virtual Reality Environment

Here’s something we’ve been waiting for – a collaborative Virtual Reality art environment by MasterpieceVR. This takes Quill and Oculus Medium to new levels by allowing multiple users to work collaboratively on the same project. As Jonathan Gagne, CEO of Brinx Software put it:

With MasterpieceVR, we wanted to let people build in the virtual world with their hands, but also let them do things that would be impossible in the real world.

Step into a virtual apartment, stand on a beach, or float in the clouds and create with others.  It’s a whole new world for social VR, which up to this point has been largely limited to conversations and VR performances.

Virtual Reality Art - Drawing and Painting in MasterpieceVR

Collaborative Virtual Reality art

Here’s a couple of video multiplayer demos from Brinx:

What’s most remarkable about MasterpieceVR is that each user controls their own scale and location settings. If I enlarge an object we’re working on together, it doesn’t enlarge for you. Instead, you’ll just see the new details I added in the scale you set. Danny Bittman describes the incredibly cool multi-user virtual reality art environment in The Verge:

Before I tried MasterpieceVR, I was unsure about how smooth the online experience would be. Wouldn’t I mess up whatever he was making if I manipulated our creation’s scale? Apparently Not. Every user controls their own world scale, rotation and location. So if I scaled the world up to add small details to a volcano that we were making, Gagne wouldn’t see the world change size, he’d just see the small details that I was adding appear in real time. In MasterpieceVR, no one can steal the control of a shared creation from anyone else, but everyone can still control it.

Good as it is, Bittman notes that the tool set is not what you find in Quill or Tilt Brush. But a coming update will add more tools and get you past the current two-person limit. If you’re thinking what I’m thinking here, the possibilities are limitless.

Coming in January

Unfortunately, MasterpieceVR is not out for the holidays. But the expected release is in January. If you can’t wait to get started, you can always head over to the Brinx site to request a beta version of MasterpieceVR.

You may just have an incredibly creative holiday season!