SXSW Session – Wear to Learn: The Body as an Interface

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Join us for our SXSW-EDU session on Wearable Technology in Austin, Texas! The session will be on Thursday, March 12th at 10:30am.

SXSW-EDU Description:

What happens as wearable tech enters the classroom? This session explores how persistent and multiple streams of information, images and video will augment reality and transform learning. Eyeglasses will become screens, jewelry will gather and transmit data and information will be projected/imprinted on our physical bodies. These interfaces will empower students as architects of their own learning while simultaneously challenging social relations and disrupting existing practices in education.


1) Discuss how wearable technology, augmented reality, quantified self and the internet of things will transform the way we learn, receive feedback, assess performance and demonstrate expertise.

2) Explore ways wearable technology reshapes the teaching-learning environment and calls for an institutional wearable technology strategy. Analyze the specific challenges wearables pose in the interactions between students and faculty.

3) Identify how new interfaces will interact with and merge with our bodies, reshaping the ways we access, create and share information.

Event Type: Sessions
Category: Core Conversation
Theme: Social & Mobile Learning
Tags: learning, wearable technology, augmented reality

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Thursday, March 12
10:30AM – 11:30AM
Hilton Austin Downtown Salon F
500 East 4th Street

Emory Craig SXSWedu Speaker

Emory Craig
College of New Rochelle – Dir, eLearning

Maya Georgieva SXSWedu Speaker

Maya Georgieva
New York University – Assoc Dir