Apple Watch Out of the Box – a New Era in Wearables

apple-watchThe long awaited Apple Watch is poised to redefine the place of Wearables in our lives. Get ready to discover your body – get ready for Digital Bodies 2.0. The most far-reaching impact of Apple’s Spring Forward event may be the innovations in health awareness and medical research. The Apple Heathkit platform is bringing the Quantified Self to a new level where data meets you, follows you through your day, making you aware of all the things you wish you knew and your doctor has been asking about. We’ve already been using data on our iPhones, but now it will be conveniently on our wrists, captured by Apple Watch.

But the most important development may be the ResearchKit announcement, a new open-source platform for the iPhone that will let medical research go viral – now you will be able to participate via apps developed by the leading medical institutions and make a contribution in studying Parkinson’s disease, diabetics and more.  By virtually crowdsourcing health data, Apple is driving a revolution in HealthCare we may not have seen since the antibiotics were discovered a century ago.

Personalization and style makes Apple watch the most stunning wearable. Designed to be worn it is engineered for beauty. Apple Watch delivers a stunning design to start with and the rest is left to you. The personalization does not end with the look, you have a variety of faces for the look that fits you, from playful to sophisticated. Unlike its plastic and rubber predecessors, Apple watch is a visual masterpiece, designed to express who you are.

And as Apple would say, there’s more: you can stay in the know with glances delivering bites of information from the world around you. Close your eyes and with Digital Touch you can feel the heartbeat of someone you love or send yours to them. Birthday songs are so outdated, when you can send a heartbeat and touch those you care about miles away from you. For the creative ones, you can send doodles, simple drawings that will appear on your friend’s watch.

So, what do we think about Apple Watch? The genie is out of the bottle. The wearable revolution has just gone into warp drive!