Support Our SXSW Proposals on Storytelling, VR and Ethics

Here are the SXSW proposals submitted by the Digital Bodies team – one for SXSW and two for SXSWedu in 2019. Please take a minute to review and vote on our proposals – community input is an important part of the selection process and we’d love to have your support!

For each SXSW proposal, the “more information” links will take you to the full proposal on our site. There are also direct links to the SXSW PanelPicker site where you can vote. You’ll have to create an account (it’s an easy process) or sign in with your credentials if you used the PanelPicker last year.

We have been to SXSWedu and SXSW a number of times and have always been deeply inspired by the conversations and presentations. Indeed, Digital Bodies was founded at SXSW back in 2015 to share our work and the incredible immersive tech developments that we saw taking place in the larger community. We think our proposals this year reflect important issues in both education and the broader VR community. We hope you agree!

So send us to SXSW with your votes and we hope to see you there!

SXSW Proposals on Storytelling, VR and Ethics

SXSWedu 2019 Proposal: Stepping Into the Story: Design Principles for XR Stepping into the story Design Principles for XR - SXSW Proposals

This talk focuses on three distinct ways to step into immersive stories and create compelling learning experiences in VR. (More information)

Vote for this Design Principles for XR proposal


SXSWedu 2019 Proposal: Playing with Fire: Ethics and Literacy in VR and AR SXSWedu proposals - Ethics and Literacy in VR and AR

Virtual Reality will raise profound ethical questions and require a new form of “experiential literacy”. (More information)

Vote for this Ethics in VR proposal 


SXSW 2019 Proposal: VR / AR is here and culture is the problem

SXSW Proposals - VR is Here and Culture is the Problem

Virtual Reality is here but the real challenges in adoption will be cultural, not technological. (More information)

Vote for our VR and Culture proposal 


Thanks for supporting our SXSW Proposals! We hope to see you in Austin in 2019!