SXSWedu 2019 Proposal: Stepping Into the Story: Design Principles for XR

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This talk focuses on three distinct ways to step into immersive stories and create compelling learning experiences. Please take a minute to review and vote on our SXSWedu proposal – community input is an important part of the selection process and we’d love to have your support!

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Stepping Into the Story: Design Principles for XR

Humans are wired for stories, which are powerful ways to connect, share and learn. This talk focuses on understanding 3 distinct ways to step into immersive stories and create compelling learning experiences. Discover what makes AR, VR, and MR (referred to as XR) unique and review the design process and practices from high-profile virtual experiences to create immersive worlds with presence and agency that empower learning and engage students in exploring diversity and ethics in a new medium.

  • Gain insights into the advances made in immersive storytelling, how creating stories for VR, AR and MR differ and examine opportunities and challenges
  • Learn foundational principles for designing in AR, VR, and MR through the analysis of high-profile immersive experiences in art, media and science.
  • Identify opportunities for exploring diversity and ethics through immersive storytelling and get inspired to empower faculty and students as creators. 

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SXSWedu Proposal: Stepping into the Story - Design Principles for XR