ASU: Innovate Tech Show – VR and STEM

Here are the videos for our keynote today on VR and STEM at the “Innovative Tech Show: See STEM Teaching Differently” at the ASU School of Life Sciences. There are tremendous opportunities in STEM areas to transform learning. Projects are already underway in the use of virtual and mixed reality for medical education and the sciences.

Immersive technologies will revolutionize the way we teach science and related disciplines. Students will have the opportunity to experience abstract concepts in 3D, explore areas of the world they are unable to travel to and do simulated experiments in virtual chemistry labs.

We see these developments as the next wave of the digital revolution – taking us far beyond the remarkable developments of the past decade in mobile technology. Virtual reality hijacks the senses, placing you in a completely different environment.

In place of studying abstract concepts or physical locations, VR incorporates them into our lived experience. Students are able to interact with these elements, seeing them from multiple perspectives and across a timeline.

Perhaps most important, virtual simulations offer the opportunity to learn through failure. No one wants to experience an explosion in an actual chemistry lab, but there’s no risk in the simulated version. Indeed, students will be free to experiment, to explore new ways of solving problems without the fear of failure.

As these technologies are implemented, we will run into many of the same challenges we faced in earlier stages of the Digital Revolution – support, the need to learn new technical skills, rapid changes in the available technology, and programs that do not fully meet our learning objectives. But it is important that we experiment and explore what’s available, leading the way in the transformation of learning. While technology does not seem to change from day-to-day, the future will be here sooner than you think.

Below are the videos relating to VR and STEM in our online presentation for ASU. We look forward to our conversation with you!

ASU Innovative Tech Show - VR and STEM

VR and STEM Videos

1. Facebook Social VR Demo at the F8 conference in 2016:

Hololens at Case Western:

3. Organon

4. Data Visualization (Slide 19):

5. My Lab Chemistry Lab (Slide 21):

6. Blood Cells NYU (Slide 22):