OpenAI DevDay Keynote live stream and Game-Changing Updates

The OpenAI DevDay event is tomorrow, November 6, 2023, and we expect to see several groundbreaking announcements. Join us for the inaugural Developer’s Day as we will live-stream CEO Sam Altman’s keynote here.

For OpenAI, the event marks a pivotal juncture, positioning them alongside developer conferences such as Apple’s WWDC, Google’s I/O, and Facebook’s F8 (which we have attended numerous times). While many of these have been notable for their theatrics and press hype, the OpenAI DevDay will be a more subdued affair. Don’t expect anything like the over-the-top 2012 Google I/O event, where a skydiver live-streamed his descent into the conference wearing the then-new Google Glass.

But low-key or not, expect a string of significant announcements from OpenAI. The company is moving fast, with several new features rolling out this fall. We will closely watch to see if some of the rumors about user-generated content (see below) come true. With all the challenges raised by generative AI and the recent moves toward regulation by the EU and President Biden’s Executive Order in the U.S., this is an event educators, creatives, and business leaders should be following.

We hear that there will be viewing parties for OpenAI DevDay, and after the keynote, developers at the event will have exclusive access to breakout sessions. Here is the live stream of Sam Altman’s keynote on November 6th at 10:00 AM Pacific Time:

OpenAI DevDay Rumors

Since OpenAI DevDay is almost here, we won’t go too deeply into the announcement rumors. But here is a quick list of developments we may see:

  • Undoubtedly, the most fascinating rumor we heard is from Jim Fan, NVIDIA’s senior AI scientist, on his LinkedIn account: OpenAI could become a full-blown User Generated Content (UGC) platform where users will have the ability to create and share AI agents. OpenAI will move toward a marketplace where they sell behaviors, not software extensions.
  • Users will quickly be able to build chatbots and test them in sandboxes, not through SDKs but simply by iterative chat. If this is announced at the OpenAI DevDay, we will soon see bots embedded everywhere in our environment.
  • According to VentureBeat, OpenAI will offer “connectors” that allow users to hook Google Drive, Microsoft 365, and other platforms up to ChatGPT. That would let businesses, educational institutions, and other organizations pull up private files and information when needed.
  • OpenAI will roll out new multimodal features that, according to Reuters, will slash costs for developers and organizations looking to create AI products and services. This will include a cutting-edge API to enhance memory capabilities and a vision API for analyzing images that could have a wide range of applications from medicine to business and entertainment.
  • Don’t expect to see a GPT-5 as OpenAI’s CEO Sam Altman already confirmed on X (previously Twitter) that there will be no new GPT version announced.

All in all, OpenAI DevDay promises to be a major event for groundbreaking technology that is leading us into a fascinating and unknown future. Join us for the keynote on November 6th at 10:00 AM Pacific Time.