Live-stream of Oculus Connect VR Event

Here are the keynotes from Facebook’s Oculus Connect 4 conference. A number of major developments in VR were announced on Wednesday including the new Oculus Go self-contained VR headset, a revised Oculus Home and updates to the Santa Cruz VR headset project.

Wednesday’s keynotes included Mark Zuckerberg, Hugo Barra and others talking about new products and the future of VR. Thursday’s keynote had noted gamer John Carmack discussing the technical challenges in getting virtual reality to the consumer market.

Wednesday OC4 Keynote


Thursday OC4 Keynote


What we’re watching for at the Oculus Connect VR conference

It will be fascinating to see Facebook’s plans now that Google has done their Fall product release with a new Daydream headset. We’ll be looking for the following:

  • What stats will Facebook release for hardware sales or VR software downloads?
  • Will Facebook release a new standalone VR headset?
  • Will Samsung’s Gear VR be further integrated into the Oculus ecosystem?
  • Will Oculus announce new partnerships?
  • Will we see any connection between Facebook’s VR and AR platforms?
  • What new developments are in store for Facebook Spaces and its social VR projects?
  • Will there be updates to the Oculus Avatars?
  • Will we hear anything about the company’s AR headset efforts?

It’s more than enough to keep us busy. Our reactions and commentary to follow.