2019 Thanksgiving Day Parade – 360 Video and Holograms

This year’s Thanksgiving Day parade includes a live broadcast in 360 and celebrity holograms from Verizon.

As in years past, some 8,000 people and large balloons will wind their way through Manhattan in a tradition that began in 1924. Back then, it was state-of-the-art technology.

2019 Thanksgiving Day Parade

The 2019 Thanksgiving Day parade goes beyond last year’s multistream live 360 broadcast. There will be virtual balloons that appear and disappear based on viewer feedback. And along the parade route, there will be celebrity holographic appearances. It’s all part of Verizon’s 5G initiative – though we have a way to go before 5G is anywhere near ubiquitous. You can find more details from the Verizon press release.

We’re so grateful for the wonderful VR community that has gathered around the amazing developments in VR and AR. And we’re grateful that you choose to spend part of your day with us.

Have a safe and happy holiday with family and friends!