VR Resources for the Virtual Reality and the Future of Learning - Lab 2

Virtual Reality in Education Lab

VR Experiences for the Virtual Reality in Education Lab


The 360° video and VR experiences for the Virtual Reality in Education Lab in New York. We will do three quick rounds of content, with participants selecting one experience from each Round.

All of the VR experiences (except those on YouTube) require that you first download an app. You can click on the links provided or simply search on your Smartphone in your app store. Note that some apps are used for multiple experiences; you need only download the app once.

If you’re on Twitter, share your reactions on #VRLabNYC or @DigitalBodies.

Round 1: VR Experiences in Art, Museums and Cultural Sites


Round 2: VR and AR Experiences with the Human Self

  • DAQRI Anatomy 4D: Apple or Android
    Download the app and use the printed target provided. 
  • Autism TMI: Apple or Android
    A VR experience created with autistic people to show what it is like to received too much information.

Round 3: VR Experiences in Storytelling, Journalism and Social Science