ShapingEDU Winter Games – Learning in XR

We will be at the ShapingEDU Winter Games this week – it’s a free, virtual event for an international community of changemakers (educator leaders, smart city experts, students, faculty, and technologists). We’ll be doing two sessions on learning in XR:

ShapingEDU Winter Games Sessions

The Humersive Learning Project

Join us for an update on Wednesday, January 6th at the lunch session, “Creatively Yours” Project/Action Fast Track – 12:30-1:00 PM MST.

The Humersive Learning project responds to several of the themes from the 2019 ShapingEDU Unconference. The Project will consider human and student experience in the context of emerging technologies and the convergence of extended reality (XR) and artificial intelligence (AI). We will explore how virtual environments and immersive technologies could profoundly reshape learning and social interactions. The Project will share research on the efficacy of XR learning experiences, identify critical socio-cognitive needs for XR in education, and explore the possibilities for peer-review of content. A guiding question will be how to humanize these technologies while simultaneously fostering innovation that will bring disruptive change to education.

Humersive Learning Project update at the ShapingEDU Winter Games.

Humersive blends two terms – Humanize + Immersive. It’s to inspire us to think about how human experience will be shaped by the convergence of #XR and #AI.

During the first phase, the Project will focus on asking critical questions to develop guiding principles for Humanizing Learning (the framework) with interested members of the community. In the second phase, we invite the broader community to contribute to building exemplars in an immersive environment. The final document will be released following the conference incorporating contributions from the community.

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Learning with Embodied Avatars in the Future

Join us for a Breakout Session at the ShapingEDU Winter Games on Thursday, January 7th, 10:45 AM MST.

ShapingEDU Winter Games Break Out Session: Learning with Embodied Avatars in the Future.

Session Description:
Are you ready for a thrilling double black diamond run? Is your avatar ready? Let’s explore how learning is transformed when we begin to replace ourselves with digital representations in virtual environments. Our identities impact our online behavior, but studies have shown that the reverse is also true – our online personas impact real-life behavior.

We’ll examine cutting-edge research and examples of avatars to understand the ethical challenges of multi-user virtual environments and the provocative questions they raise. Let’s explore the use and psychology of avatars to ensure that virtual learning is based on equity, diversity, and inclusion. Join us as we co-create a future that doesn’t confine itself to a promise of technology but instead fulfills what it means to be human.

Join Us at ShapingEDU Winter Games

Here are the links for the ShapingEDU Winter Games conference schedule and our session on January 7th (be sure to register for free before joining!).

Hope to see you there!