ELI Webinar | Virtual and Augmented Reality: Stepping Into the New Frontier of Learning

Welcome to our ELI Webinar, “Virtual and Augmented Reality: Stepping Into the New Frontier of Learning.” We have included information on the event and the videos we reference in the Webinar. We hope you have the opportunity to join us!

ELI Webinar | Virtual and Augmented Reality

ELI Webinar Virtual and Augmented Reality

There is no registration fee but you must be an ELI Member. You can register at EDUCAUSE Conferences and Events.

The ELI Webinar | Virtual and Augmented Reality will be on Monday, May 01 | 1:00pm – 2:00pm ET.


Originally a fantasy of science fiction, virtual and augmented reality are quickly entering the education landscape. This webinar will review recent and upcoming developments in virtual, augmented, and mixed reality as well as industry trends we believe will shape the future of immersive learning. VR, AR, and mixed reality are creating compelling learning experiences across the curriculum from STEM to digital humanities and medical education. Experiments suggest this is only the beginning—VR could become a social platform that will transform how we communicate, create, and collaborate. VR paired with AI engines would make personalized learning ubiquitous. As these devices and platforms enter our lives, how do we address the challenges of adoption and the design of immersive experiences that foster student engagement and creativity? We will identify devices, content examples, emerging practices, and strategies to help you kick-start your own VR and AR projects.


  1. Understand how current industry trends will shape the future of VR, AR, and mixed reality.
  2. Explore the potential of deeply immersive experiences in virtual reality to create new forms of experiential learning.
  3. Define the challenges in the adoption of immersive technologies and the design of new learning experiences.
  4. Identify content examples, emerging practices, and strategies that can be used to kick-start VR projects in individual courses, curriculums, and institutions.

Video Resources for the Virtual and Augmented Reality Webinar

Here are some of the videos referenced in the ELI Webinar. More can be found on our VR Video page.

Facebook Social VR – Oculus Connect OC3 – October 2016 

At the Oculus Connect conference in late 2016, Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg gave us a second look at the company’s progress in social VR. In contrast to the F8 event in spring 2016, the avatars are more lifelike and include hand and arm gestures. In addition, basic facial expressions are part of the experience. See our thoughts on OC3 and Social VR at Facebook’s Social VR at OC3 is Amazing.


Storytelling in VR: Penrose Studio – Introducing Allumette – April 2016

Allumette is a virtual reality story about love and sacrifice. One of the first “long-form” VR films (at around 20 minutes), the movie follows a young girl named Allumette. It is set in a toy-like mythical city in the clouds and you can move through the walls and watch the characters in the rooms.

Inspired by “The Little Match Girl” by Hans Christian Andersen, Allumette is the second production of Penrose Studio and debuted at the Tribeca Film Festival in 2016. More at Allumette: The First VR Film Masterpiece?

Immersive Learning Experiences 

Hololens at Case Western:




zSpace Intro


Archeology: Lithodomos VR

Blood Cells NYU Tandon Labs

The Future of Learning: NASA JPL HoloLens Curiosity Rover – May 2016

At NASA’s JPL center, researchers gave a first-hand look at their latest technology that enables scientists to work virtually on Mars using the HoloLens. The software, called OnSight, is a collaboration between NASA and Microsoft to give rover scientists the ability to walk around and explore Mars right from their offices.