Transformational Technology

Transformational Technology Conference

We are doing two sessions at the Transformational Technology in Higher Education conference in Denver, March 24th – 25th. We hope you can join us to explore the future of learning space design and the impact of wearable technology and virtual reality on higher education!


About Transformational Technology in Higher Education

Transformational Technology in Higher Education Conference, formerly Campus Technology Forum, is a redesigned event for higher education IT executives and professionals to receive a more personalized conference experience. With more than 100 colleges and universities from across the nation represented, attendees have the opportunity to network with peers from a wide array of institutions and become a part of a larger community continuously seeking to advance the technological pedagogy of their campuses.

Attendees will learn from industry experts and be exposed to the latest trends, tools and resources during collaborative and educational sessions. In an environment where finding solutions to technological challenges is the priority, attendees also have access to a variety of consultative vendors in the Expo Hall.

More information on the conference agenda and registration at: Transformational Technology in Higher Education.

The newly redesigned conference will be a unique opportunity to explore digital solutions and best practices in higher education. From prweb:

What will make TTHIED unique is the intimate session structure,” said Daniel Gephart, Higher Education Events Manager, LRP Conferences, coordinator of the conference. “Each session is limited in size, allowing for more peer-to-peer networking and engaging conversations with key industry leaders.


Our Sessions

Wearable technology and Virtual Reality: A New Era for Learning

Wearable Tech and Virtual Reality -Transformational Technology Conference
Emory Craig, Director of eLearning and Instructional Technologies, The College of New Rochelle

How will wearable technologies reshape future teaching and learning environments and impact the institutional cultures of higher education? Mr. Craig will demonstrate how new platforms for digital narrative, storytelling and experiential learning will open innovative opportunities in pedagogy and create compelling visual and emotional experiences for students. You’ll learn all about the latest and pending developments in wearable technology, and why higher education leaders should follow this rapidly evolving environment.


Inspiring Innovation with Learning Space Design

Maya Georgieva, EdTech Strategist; Co-Founder, Digital Bodies

Learning Space Design - Transformational Technology ConferenceRedesigned campus spaces can serve as locations for the open exchange of ideas and for active learning, experimentation and campus collaboration. Ms. Georgieva will review creative learning space design projects from library commons to institutional and corporate campuses. You’ll learn how to reimagine curriculum design, faculty development and institutional innovation.