SXSW-Interactive 2016

Wearable Tech Proposal for SXSW-Interactive 2016:

Becoming Digital Bodies


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Here’s our proposal for a SXSW-Interactive 2016 session. You can vote by using the SXSW Panel Picker. The SXSW PanelPicker allows the SXSW community to have a voice in what sessions are scheduled at SXSW-Interactive 2016.

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AUDIENCE: Experimenters, Futurists, Disruptors, Visionaries
LEVEL: Intermediate
THEME: Intelligent Future
TAGS: wearables, wearable technology, virtual reality

Session Description

We are becoming Digital Bodies, flesh and blood, enhanced and extended through Wearable Technology. This is not a presentation, but an essential conversation on the future, when technology shrinks to the imperceptible, when humans become nodes in the Internet of Things. Wearable Tech is going mainstream, and the wisdom of the crowd has never been more necessary than now. How will media and social relations change with ubiquitous video? Who controls your data – cars have been hacked – will your body be next? Do we thrive or build walls in a world of hyper-connectivity, with omnipresent social media? Join us in a conversation as we reinvent the world and ourselves through Wearable Technology.


  • What is the future of Media and Entertainment in a world of immersive visual experience when the richest content is on our wrists and eyeglasses?
  • Will you know everything about me – and I about you; or will the social barriers of the past find new life as “border control” agents?
  • Can we thrive in a society of ubiquitous video and observation, or will we need places of shelter in a deeply interconnected society?